Horse Racing – Will Rogers Downs – April 22, 2020

Hope everyone is hanging in there and all is well with family and friends. For those who wish to partake in a little sweet thoroughbred racing action we have assembled some thoughts for the Will Rogers Downs card for today! The field sizes are good. The racing is underrated and very competitive.

Track announcer John Lies does a great job!

Best of luck if you take a stab or two! Play safe and have fun.

Race 1

Most likely winner – #5 Kottoncandy Kisses

Value picks – #4 All the Juice, #9 Bling Springsteen

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #3 Communicado (3rd, 4th)

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Insider says……Sadly the last day of racing this week at Will Rogers Downs!…..Enjoy the day and let’s hope we can find some winners…..#5 Kottoncandy Kisses has the most consistent figs and solid connections (Goncalves/Craddock) but is /13 lifetime and it’s very possible we’ve already seen her best…..Very logical but wouldn’t take too short of a price….#4 All the Juice has the fantastic Cabrera/Broberg combo in her corner and also has a worrisome record (1/16)…..On the plus side she made our Watch List last time out and ran her best Beyer fig in 365D….Would try to beat her if she ends up being the favorite (unlikely, but possible)…..#9 Bling Springsteen was a disappointment last time out after making our Watch List off her March 24 effort…..We like the jockey change to A Triana Jr and her breeding suggests she can be successful in her first effort at 1M……#3 Communicado appears to be too slow to win this event but she is more than capable of picking up the pieces late and getting into the bottom of vertical wagers……#8 Rewarded gets a monster jockey change to F Wethey Jr but ships in from MVR off a MCL win….She also stretches out…..Must use for those spreading in the daily double with the goal of hitting a juicy payout….#10 Realrealgood (NOTE – SCRATCHED – WILL NOT GO) has come nice figs and a 5F work on display but gets a tough post and is 0/3 at the distance……Will try and beat her on the top end but definitely a contender.

FUN WITH NUMBERS…..In 22 claiming races this meet at this distance horses leaving from posts 7+ are a combined 2/49 as we go to press.

UPDATE. #9 almost went wire to wire. #3 BOMB was TOO good and won the race at 16-1. Finished 3-6-9-8. 9-6-3 would have been yuuuuge. Congrats if you hit that one.

34.40 17.20 8.10

7.90 5.50


Race 2

Most likely winner – #3 Indian Cross

Value picks – #4 Men of Kyle, #5 De Bird Is Da Word

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Insider says……#3 Indian Cross gets a slight edge in this event as he comes in off a decent 2nd place finish and boasts fine connections (Luzzi/Asmussen) as well as an inside post….We like his racing style and feel that he will get a good trip and be tough in the stretch…..#4 Men of Kyle makes his first start off the claim for trainer A Gustafson and shows a pair of fine 4F works…..Slight rise in class but we like that jockey L Wade is the pilot and this horse has done well at this distance in a very small sample (2/2 in top-2)….#5 De Bird Is Da Word has the great Cabrera/Broberg combo in his corner but we weren’t thrilled with his last race (gave Indian Cross a higher grade) and note that he is 0/6 at the distance….Would try and beat him if he goes off as the betting fav.

UPDATE. Nailed the winner but bet a bit more than we’d hoped. Mobsters love our site.

Finished 3-9-6-5

4.80 3.20 2.60

4.40 3.60


Race 3

Most likely winner – #3 Crazy Sexy Munny

Value picks – #4 Miss Perfecta, #5 Reachreachreach

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #1 Soaring Now (3rd, 4th)

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Insider says…..Interesting way to kick off the Pick 4…..Tough to separate the top contenders but we’ll use a bit more powder on the #3 Crazy Sexy Munny who comes in from Golden Gate sporting a three-race winning streak…..She is also 4/4 at 6F (although 0/4 on dirt) and gets ace jockey F Wethey Jr in the irons…..Excellent running style…..#4 Miss Perfecta has won four (!) consecutive races but three of those were on turf…..She is 1/5 at the distance but does get MEGALOCKS MT RUSHMORE JOCKEY D Cabrera as the pilot…..#5 Reachreachreach has a more problematic racing style than the other two horses we talked about but she does sport the Kennedy/Diodoro combination….#1 Soaring Now just missed as the fav last race and should get a good trip on the rail and we expect to see double digits odds…Might be a way to spice up your tri and super plays.

UPDATE. #3 missed the break by 3 lengths and almost got up to win. Strong effort from #7. #1 DID INDEED get up for 3rd at 10-1.

Finished 7-3-1-4

10.80 5.40 3.80

5.30 3.90


Race 4

Most likely winner – #5 Hot Fudge Louie

Value picks – #1 The Devil’s Daddy, #3 Fortnite Dance

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Insider says…..Will try and beat the likely fav #2 Ride to the Wire who is a definite threat from post 2 but note he hasn’t won since 2017 (!) and shows a pattern of declining speed figs….Probably have to chuck him into multi-race wagers but we’ll use his defensively in that regard….#5 Hot Fudge Louie drops in class after fading in a tough spot last time out (2nd place finisher came back to win next time out) but makes his second start in the excellent S Young barn…..Figs are competitive and he should be well spotted (or on the lead) coming for home…..#1 The Devil’s Daddy comes in off a MCL score at OP, draws well, and features the Broberg/Cabrera tandem…..Not crazy about his running style but hopefully he can get away in the top-5 <crosses fingers>……#3 Fortnite Dance also displays a come-from-behind racing style that we are not crazy about but note he does show some decent figs and he makes his third start in the barn of excellent trainer J Silva Jr.

UPDATE. Tried to beat the fav. Ooops.

Finished 2-7-8-1

4.40 3.50 2.90

10.40 5.80


Race 5

Most likely winner – #7 Madison’s Wild One

Value picks – #10 Belle Strike

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #3 Cinnafrijole

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Insider says…..#7 Madison’s Wild One looks like the logical fav in this tilt as she appears to be the fastest horse, draws well, and has impeccable connections…..#10 Belle Strike hails from the potent S Asmussen barn and rolls into town off a MCL score at Sam Houston and will benefit from the two scratches in this race….The outside post is a tough proposition in races at this distance but she appears to have enough GET UP AND GO to achieve good position…..#3 Cinnafrijole is a bit interesting as she has the early speed to get position, drops in class, gets a barn change, and gets C Kimes as the pilot for the first time…Not a field of world-beaters to maybe she can SHOCK the WORLD?

UPDATE. That’s a SCOOP JACKSON buh buh. Ham sandwiches but we gotta eat buh buh.

Finished 10-7-3-5…………TOP 3 TOP 3 let’s do itttttt

6.30 3.00 2.60

2.30 2.10


ex = $15

tri = $83

$1 super = $156

Race 6

Most likely winner – #7 Trapalanda

Value picks – #1 Alexandros, #6 Kats Second Silver

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Insider says…..Looks like a predictable and chalky affair BUT we had said that before and KABOOM……BOMBS……In any event…#7 Trapalanda shows back-to-back CRACKERS and will be tough to beat if he can run back close to those figs….#1 Alexandros ships in off a good effort and Sunland Park, shows a solid 4F work in preparation for this event, and note that trainer J Arnett won with a 33-1 TOTEBOARD EXPLODER on yesterday’s card that was also shipping in from Sunland Park…..#6 Kats Second Silver has potent connections but wasn’t super-impressive in his last start off a good trip…..Still a must-use in multi-leg wagering action...#4 Got My Mo is 6/12 lifetime and has been off since Nov….Has shown the ability to FLY early so might be a spicy one to consider.

UPDATE. Logical top choice runs off the screen as a winnnnaaaaah.

Finished 7-4-9-3

3.20 2.50 2.20

5.60 4.50


Race 7

Most likely winner – #4 Spectacular Temper

Value picks – #3 Lucky Road, #7 Latejana

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Insider says…..#4 Spectacular Temper comes in with an 0/7 mark but looks like the logical fav in this shortened field given his consistent figs and solid connections….Wouldn’t take too short of a price (below even money) but she’s probably the one to beat….#3 Lucky Road flamed out in a MSW event last time out but might be able to take this bunch a long way on the front end….#7 Latejana makes her first start in a MCL race and gets fine jockey L Luzzi as the pilot today….Should be 5-1+ even in a 6-horse field.

UPDATE. Not hard to find that winner.

Finished 4-1-5-7

3.40 2.40 2.10

6.00 3.10


Race 8

Most likely winner – #6 Silver Luke Silver

Value picks – #5 Aloo Ghost

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #7 Teryn It Up

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Insider says…..#6 Silver Luke Silver made our Watch List due to his effort on March 30 and came back with a good effort on April 8….Hasn’t won since 2018 but gonna be tough to beat in this spot….Note that the winner in his last race came back to win again next time out…..#5 Aloo Ghost gets the epic Cabrera/Broberg combo once again and he is razor sharp after winning last time out…He is 1/1 at WRD and 2/6 at the distance….#3 Dr Bagley comes in from Golden Gate and debuts in the Diodoro barn….Will give him one start to refresh his memory about what it’s like to race on dirt (wet) but he is an obvious contender….#7 Teryn It Up has only made one dirt start in his career but had a good effort last time out….Note the jockey change to ace pilot L Goncalves.

UPDATE. Tried to beat the #3. Argh. Pick 3 live but probably will pay ham sandwich.

Finished 3-5-8-7

7.10 4.00 3.20

4.30 3.10


Race 9

Most likely winner – #10 Vallestina

Value picks – #3 Morgan’s David #6 Ghosted

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #1 Twisted Emotions

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Insider says…..#10 Vallestina had to negotiate a ton of traffic in her last start leaving from post 10 and made our Watch List….She gets a rider switch to Ty Kennedy and has figs that stack up very nicely…..#3 Morgan’s David comes in from Sam Houston and gets an epic jockey change to D Cabrera….Her running style suggests she will be in the mix…..Would avoid on top if she ends up being the betting fav…..#6 Ghosted comes out of the potent J Arnett barn who won with a Sunland BOMB yesterday and has a winner on this card…..#1 Twisted Emotions had an impressive win two races back and then got into trouble in the stretch…..Good chance to hit the top-4 at double digit odds.

UPDATE. #10 takes it. P3 live. Missed the tri.

Finished 10-9-7-3

5.60 3.40 2.60

12.90 7.30


Race 10

Most likely winner – #5 Yah Yah Sir

Value picks – None

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #3 Swagattack (3rd, 4th)

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Insider says…….#9 U S Special Forces has a lot of early speed and good figs but will need to deal with a few other speedballs in here……Will try and beat him on the win end……#5 Yah Yah Sir resides in the potent J Arnett barn and is 8/26 at the distance….We project him as the most likely horse to go wire to wire……He ships in from Sunland and we know that his conditioner is a proven winner with that move….#3 Swagattack is not a threat to win in our eyes but he is more than capable of staggering into the top-4 and spicing up the bottom of vertical wagers.

UPDATE. Game effort by our #5 buh buh. Didn’t have much going on other than P3 live. Didn’t hit the tri.

Finished 5-4-11-7

5.50 3.30 2.70

3.70 2.60


See ya Thursday!

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