The MEGALOCKS 2023 NCAA SEASON PASS is only $99! Your pass includes:

  • Season previews for EVERY FBS team. 133 of those bad boys!
  • Opinions on season win totals, futures, and props.
  • Legendary MEGALOCKS write-ups and analysis up to and including Bowl Season. These are the most thorough and entertaining write-ups on the planet! Get the predictions and tactical advice you need to make profitable wagers.
  • Opinion on the best betting approach to every game.
  • Official selections on games we believe offer the best VALUE. We also provide “leans” for those who want a bit more SWEET ACTION.
  • Boxscore review of EVERY game played! Don’t miss these posts.
  • Weekly weather notes from HOTTIE weather chicks
  • Weekly suggestions for ML underdog plays


Check out the handy table for a view of our historical results on “official” picks. That does not include season win totals, futures, props, or small bets (“leans”).


As you can tell from the description of the MEGALOCKS SEASON PASS, we offer a LOT more than just picks. Let us be your guide to the NCAA Football season and do ALL the hard work. We hope to have you along for the ride!


There are several reasons why our weekly discussion threads regularly received 20,000-100,000+ views in the old days before the MEGALOCKS SEASON PASS was launched on this site!


Dozens of games are analyzed and written-up every week. No stone is left unturned. There is no substitute for using a comprehensive approach to handicapping and predicting the outcome of college football games.

MEGALOCKS uses all kinds of information including statistics, match-ups, depth charts, motivational angles, injuries, weather, line moves and anything else deemed relevant to the outcome of each game.

Significant edges are realized thanks to in-depth research before the season starts, and perhaps most importantly, through watching as many games as possible. MEGALOCKS has you covered throughout the season. We know you lead a busy life.

Let MEGALOCKS do all the hard work for you!



Long-time readers of the legendary MEGALOCKS game analyses know that there is an underlying passion, respect and appreciation for the sport. MEGA has seen over 60 FBS TEAMS PLAY LIVE and thoroughly enjoys going to watch any match-up, whether it be a loaded Florida Gators team in the National Championship, or two lesser-known teams fighting to get to a winning record. One thing remains consistent with college football. Everywhere you go, fans are incredibly knowledgeable about their team, and truly love being part of a community.


A staple of the MEGALOCKS NCAA football game write-ups and analysis is the entertainment value and humor that are included as part of the package. MEGALOCKS is well known for making the seemingly dry details of statistics and match-up strengths and weaknesses come to life with witty banter, random attempts at comic relief and the gross overuse of CAPITAL LETTERS. Let there be no doubt. There will also be liberal inclusion of some of the RIDICULOUS GAMBLING TERMINOLOGY that we have all grown accustomed to hearing. LOCK, STEAM, INSIDERS, VEGAS TRAPS, 999-STAR SUPER LOCK PARLAY SPECIALS and the like.

A little-known MEGALOCKS factoid – The handle “MEGALOCKS” was conceived many years ago as a satirical play on the word “LOCK” as it is used in the sports prediction arena. We do not need to tell you that there is no such thing as a “lock” or certainty when it comes to the outcome of a sporting event. To this day, many people are still searching for the certainty of the mythical “lock”, and some companies still advertise their services citing “locks” in the marketing material.

So sit back and enjoy ! Whether it be at home, on the road, at work (we would never condone or suggest that option), on vacation or wherever and whenever you want. MEGALOCKS is here to make the season more FUN and ENJOYABLE. Now THAT my friends, is actually a LOCK.


MEGALOCKS takes great pride in being objective. Some weeks we may believe your team will perform well. Other weeks, the opposite may be true. Another thing that long-time MEGALOCKS readers can attest to is that we play no favorites and are respectful of all teams and players, while at the same time, enjoy having a bit of good-natured fun.


The MEGALOCKS name has been built over more than a decade of honesty, transparency and respectful dealing with others. This will continue. This is who we are.


MEGALOCKS has provided comprehensive analysis and predictions for NCAA football games for well over a decade. We cannot thank our readers enough for the support and encouragement that they have shown over the years!

A few final notes. We have a long history of achieving positive closing-line value on our selections but that never guarantees a winning day, week, or even season when it comes to the “official” picks.

We always put together a portfolio of season win totals, futures, and props before the season begins. The goal is to achieve an overall profit when the season is done after considering all of our results in the various betting markets (weekly picks, season-long plays).

For those who want more action we also provide “leans” or suggestions for small wagers every week.

What should MEGALOCKS subscribers expect this year ? Well there are no guarantees, but we have a long track record of success and have been handicapping college football for over twenty years.

As always, we are confident and excited for the new season to begin! However, it must be noted that predicting the outcome of college football games against the point spread is very difficult. Every year presents it’s own challenges. That is why the MOST important thing is to play safe and protect your capital.

There is a lot of hard work ahead and we hope 2023 will be a special year!