Horse Racing – Will Rogers Downs – April 28, 2020

Hope everyone is hanging in there and all is well with family and friends. For those who wish to partake in a little sweet thoroughbred racing action we have assembled some thoughts for the Will Rogers Downs card for today! The field sizes are good. The racing is underrated and very competitive.

Track announcer John Lies does a great job!

Starting THIS WEEK – there are rolling daily doubles and rolling Pick 3 wagers. Believe it.

Best of luck if you take a stab or two! Play safe and have fun.

Race 1

Most likely winner – #2 Therunawayrocket

Value picks – #1 True Shipman (NOTE – SCRATCHED will not go), #3 Pray For Jake

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #5 Times Flying By

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says………Welcome to another great day of racing at Will Rogers Downs!!……Best of luck if you take a swing or two today……Sifted through the major players and decided try and beat a few horses on the win end that will certainly take money….More on that below…..#2 Therunawayrocket made our Watch List two starts back and got used up early last time out from post 10…..He has a great draw and the pace rating that says he will be tough to catch…..Let’s hope there isn’t a SPEED VENDETTA on the front end…..#1 True Shipman hasn’t hit the board in six lifetime starts but gets an inside draw and a drop in class….L Luzzi gets the riding assignment…..The ML looks about right (9/2) and he is worth using in multi-leg wagers….#3 Pray for Jake makes a turnback in distance which is not ideal when going to this short distance (5.5F) but we like the fact that he has been off since December and been working well AND been gelded….the ultimate equipment change….He gets a drop in class and note that jockey K Tohill won two races yesterday…..#5 Times Flying By hasn’t been seen since October but did flash some early GET UP AND GO in each of his two starts…..Will need to take a big step forward and there aren’t too many clues to suggest it but he’s worth a sprinkle at yuuuuge odds….#7 Fresh One ships in from Turf Paradise and hasn’t been seen on the track since March 4……Last fig suggest he will be the fav or co-fav in this tilt will try and beat him on top <crosses fingers>……#9 I Dub Thee shows a few races that would make him tough and getting S Bermudez on board is a plus….He also drops from a MSW event but note that he’s had several chances in MCL events.

UPDATE. Chalky finish. Our top two choices finished 2nd and 3rd to the rascally 9/5 shot that we didn’t use on top.

Finished 7-2-3-8

5.60 2.40 2.10

2.20 2.10


Ex = $9

Tri = $12

Juicy prices, buh buh. LOL. On to the next one.

Race 2

Most likely winner – #9 Fearless Will

Value picks – #5 Daring Artax, #10 Race the Moon

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #3 Irish Capital

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says………#9 Fearless Will turns around in seven days and drops from an ALW event…..He is 3/13 life, 2/4 at the distance and has a nice work pattern dating back to March 11……Will be tough if he can run back to the figs from last summer…..#5 Daring Artax gets ace jockey D Cabrera in the irons and note that he won another three races yesterday……He has good early speed and has been working very well…..Major contender…#10 Race the Moon has raced well well in each of his two starts this year and should be well spotted turning for home…..#3 Irish Capital raced very well just seven days ago from post 9…..He hasn’t won a race since 2018 and is 0/7 at WRD but has enough speed to be at least a pace presence.

FUN WITH NUMBERS……Horses in 5.5F claiming races this meet are 0/26 (!) with NO top-3 finishes when turning back in distance from a route (#6).

UPDATE. Good news and bad news. Good? #3 wins it buh buh and #9 #10 come 2nd and 3rd. Good winnee winnee and live DD action going forward. Also exacta was ok. Bad? Somehow missed the tri and note that MOB STEAM came in on the #3 taking the odds from 7-1 at MINUS 2 MTP to 5-1 closing odds. Did not have double since did not use #7 race 1.

Finished 3-10-9-4

13.30 5.90 3.00

4.00 2.30


ex = $43 (yes, guy)

Race 3

Most likely winner – #2 Dramacide

Value picks – #8 Bug Zapper

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #4 Centergee, #10 Justins Omen (3rd, 4th)

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..Will try and beat one of the likely favorites in #9 November Mike who gives it a shot every time but is 0/7 life and is guilty of burning a lot of money for WRD punters…..Definite top-3 threat will try and beat him on top in this race and sprinkle lightly in multi-leg wagers……#2 Dramacide has a great post and the early speed to do some damage….He is stetching out in distance for the first time and made our Watch List last time out…..#8 Bug Zapper makes his 2nd lifetime start and note he was bet down to 5/2 in his first go…..Shows a CRACKER of a work on April 21 5F and should be tough today…..#4 Centergee did nothing wrong in his first start and stetches out for start number two…..This connections work well together could be a SURPRISE PACKAGE….#10 Justins Omen has been credited with three consecutive “B” performances from our RACE REPLAY SQUAD but is sattled with a tough post….Proven ability to pass horses means a late slice is possible…..Hopefully he won’t be too good like our 28-1 play for 3rd and 4th yesterday that exploded the toteboard at 28-1.

UPDATE. Cash BUT soooooooooooooooooooo close to monumental cash flow buh buh. Dramatic photo and #4 takes it over #2. Double was good. Exacta was good. Needed #2 to win for a 2-4-all kaboom tri……argh. Live doubles going again let’s do itttttttt. Mobsters bet the #4 down big time. Need to start asking readers of the blog, “Are you a mobster that will bet gazillions and depress prices? Thanks”.

Finished 4-2-5-1

9.80 5.60 3.80

6.80 5.20


Ex = $69 (ya, buh buh)

DD = $116 (small taste needed #2 for biggie size)

Race 4

Most likely winner – #7 Elijah Anet

Value picks – #4 Mickey the Moocher, #11 Covington Quality

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #9 Cruisin Sue (3rd, 4th)

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says…….Will try and beat the likely fav #6 Handsome Traveler on top who has burned a lot of money lately and that last race was ominous-looking….#7 Elijah Anet is razor sharp and takes a slight rise in class after destroying lesser last time out…..#11 Covington Quality has figs that look good in this group and takes a drop in class today….Should be better 2nd time off the bench…..#9 Crusin Sue has figs that look a bit light but he has lots of SLICES and could spice up the tri and super by hitting the bottom of the ticket.

UPDATE. Nice 4-1 winner. Sadly didn’t make the win bet. Had the double and bomb in 2nd ruined the tri. Doubles live buh buh.

Finished 11-8-2-1

10.00 5.20 3.90

47.00 18.20


DD = $42

Race 5

Most likely winner – #6 Whiskey Factor

Value picks – #2 West Coast Broker

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #4 Seven Visions

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says…….#6 Whiskey Factor had a tough trip last time out and has figs that stand out in this group…..Great connections make him look mighty tough in this spot……#2 West Coast Broker also had a difficult trip last time out but still tried hard to the wire…..He stretches out in distance and is a major threat to upset the apple cart…..#4 Seven Visions was hard used early last time out and also stretches out today…..Could be sneaky if kept out of early speed duels.

FUN WITH NUMBERS……In 11 MCL races at this distance L365D posts 7+ are a combined 0/23.

UPDATE. Ham sandwich payoffs. Double yes. Didn’t bother with exacta. Tried a few other than 6-2.

Finished 6-2-1-8

2.90 2.10 2.10

3.10 2.50


DD = $15

Race 6

Most likely winner – #6 Test the Water

Value picks – #4 Taggart

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #5 Blameitonbeckett

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..#6 Test the Water moves to the potent JP Silva barn but note that this conditioner has yet to heat up at WRD…..We like his ability to rock and roll early and he was working well at TUP before leaving for Oklahoma…..#4 Taggart takes the often yuuuuge drop from MSW to MCL and should be in the mix early on…..Not crazy about his last race but this field came up weak….#5 Blameitonbeckett debuts for trainer B Caster and note that our BOMB club had a similar starter yesterday who broke horribly and still came 3rd……Odds less than 10-1 could imply that there is MOB STEAM on this runner so judge accordingly…...#11 Shawn Again has been a disappointment this meet but gets an epic rider change to MEGALOCKS MT RUSHMORE JOCKEY D Cabrera……He’s 0/15 life so will try and beat him on the win end.

UPDATE. ARGH. Cabrera gets us!! haaaa. Did not have him on top.

Finished 11-6-3-9

19.30 6.00 3.80

3.30 2.80


Race 7

Most likely winner – #5 Hallies Dream

Value picks – #3 R Lukki Song, #8 Juliard Honor

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #7 Mighty Vision

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……We love races like this!…..Lots of first-time starters and a few horses with good form….Makes it a tough challenge to come up with the right horses but also provides opportunity for cashola……#5 Hallies Dream gets an EPIC jockey switch to D Cabrera and he should be able to take advantage of her early GET UP AND GO……#3 R Lukki Song gets ace jockey T Kennedy aboard and trainer C Davis is off to a good start in 2020…..Work pattern is solid……#8 Julliard Honor is another good-looking FTS and hails out of the S Young barn…..Latest works suggest a good effort first time out…..#7 Mighty Vision showed early foot in her first career start and could do some damage with any improvement in start number two…...#9 Dakamo Rose looks compromised given her post and other early speed signed on….#2 Star Prado was very very average last time out.

FUN WITH NUMBERS……First-time starters in WRD sprints L365D are 0/23 when leaving from posts 1-3.

UPDATE. Monster race for the #3 buh buh. Nice win price. had 3-5-all not 3-2-all. ugh.

Finished 3-2-5-8

10.60 5.90 3.70

11.60 4.90


Race 8

Most likely winner – #9 Gato Guapo

Value picks – #1 Miltontown, #4 Vangilder

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……#9 Gato Guapo fires out of the potent Diodoro barn and comes in from Oaklawn Park with a 5/8 record at the distance…..Figs are rock solid and the horse to beat……#1 Miltontown has posted back to back “A” efforts and has an excellent post today…..Major threat….#4 Vangilder hasn’t been seen since September but he is 3/9 life and has excellent conditioner S Asmussen in his corner.

UPDATE. Whoa Nellie. #8 ruins our 1-9 combo. Bombs away. Congrats if you found that winner!

Finished 8-1-9-2

52.80 17.40 7.60

3.80 2.50


Race 9

Most likely winner – #2 Welder (duh)

Value picks – #7 Shannon C

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #6 Rockport Kat (3rd, 4th)

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……#2 Welder is a legit odds-on choice in this event and will have to fire something other than an “A” or “B” race to lose on this occasion…..Welder is an impossible 21/32 lifetime (!) and 9/10 at WRD…..Logical key horse if there ever was one….#7 Shannon C made our Watch List last time out and will try and take this field coast to coast……Will need to run his best race ever to take all the marbles….#6 Rockport Kat is a decent-looking underneath horse who has some good looking works but is almost certainly not fast enough to win.

UPDATE. Zzzzzzzzzz. STONE COLD buh buh. <notices ham sandwich deposited into account>

Finished 2-7-8-5

2.50 2.10 2.10

2.60 2.40


Race 10

Most likely winner – #4 Madison’s Place

Value picks – #12 Lady Thunder

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #11 Jim’s Angel (3rd, 4th)

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says…….Will roll with our buddy D Cabrera and #4 Madison’s Place in the final race of the day…..He finished a decent 3rd last time out and note the CRACKER of a work on April 20 at 5F…….#12 Lady Thunder hasn’t been seen since October but we like the works and the fact that L Wade is in the irons….Possible SURPRISE PACKAGE…..#11 Jim’s Angel has a decent shot to clunk into 3rd or 4th at massive odds to spice things up……#7 Way Too Cute is a legit top-3 threat coming in from TUP but will try and beat her on top.

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