Horse Racing – Will Rogers Downs – April 29, 2020

Hope everyone is hanging in there and all is well with family and friends. For those who wish to partake in a little sweet thoroughbred racing action we have assembled some thoughts for the Will Rogers Downs card for today! The field sizes are good. The racing is underrated and very competitive.

Track announcer John Lies does a great job! And note that he sniffed out a nice winner yesterday for Twitter followers!

Starting THIS WEEK – there are rolling daily doubles and rolling Pick 3 wagers. Believe it.

Best of luck if you take a stab or two! Play safe and have fun.

Race 1

Most likely winner – #5 Hobbs Hope

Value picks – #1 Royal Soprano, #4 Euro Step

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..Welcome to another great day of racing at Will Rogers Downs!….Best of luck if you take a stab or two…..#5 Hobbs Hope was robbed last time out in the final few feet by ANOTHER great ride from D Cabrera…..Graded an “A” according to our RACE REPLAY SQUAD but she is a 10-year old that hasn’t won in a LONNNNG time…..If price is too short (fav and less than 2-1) we recommend using our two value choices instead……#1 Royal Soprano drops from an ALW race and is 6/8 top-3 at the distance…..Fired an “A” race two starts back….#4 Euro Step gets the aforementioned D Cabrera in the irons on an EPIC jockey switch and note that she had an excuse at the start last time out.

UPDATE. Congrats HAM SANDWICH EXACTA CLUB. Hopefully can squeeze some DD and P3 profit out of this winner, buh buh. Horses came 1st, 2nd, 4th.

Finished 1-5-3-4

4.90 2.40 2.10

2.40 2.10


Race 2

Most likely winner – #2 Bewitchy

Value picks – #3 Jollyville

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #5 Staunch Elaborator (3rd, 4th)

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..#2 Bewitchy looks like a good bet to take this race at a short price….Ace jockey, good figs, and note that two horses from her last race came back to win next time out…..#3 Jollyville was bet down to 6-1 first time out and is eligible to improve in her 2nd lifetime start…….New trainer F Bravo has good numbers off the trainer change and note the good 5F work on April 21…..#5 Staunch Elaborator made our Watch List two starts back…..Very unlikely winner but a good shot to cough up for 3rd or 4th at a yuuuuge price like our #11 in yesterday’s finale (55-1).

UPDATE. Congrats HAM SANDWICH DAILY DOUBLE CLUB. What a great ride by Wethey Jr to keep his horse alive down the stretch and to the wire. Top picks 1st and 3rd. Bomb could not get into the bottom of the exotics at big odds.

Finished 2-8-3-6

3.10 2.20 2.10

3.20 2.30


DD = $10

Let’s get that ham sandwich P3 next race, yo.

Race 3

Most likely winner – #2 Golden Paree

Value picks – #6 Miss Gemma B

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..#2 Golden Paree lays over the field from a fig perspective but is 0/10….She gets a big drop in class and that should do the trick…..#6 Miss Gemma B exits a key race (2 LTO winners) and has the early speed to SHOCK THE WORLD on the stretchout.

UPDATE. Congrats MEGALOCKS WILL ROGERS CASHING PEANUTS CLUB. #2 held on. #6 was midpack down the stretch and had nothing left after that. Hit P3 multiple times. Have live double going forward. Didn’t have this double (2,2) as rarely key 1/2 shots in leg 1. On to the next one, buh buh.

Finished 2-5-1-4

6.80 3.80 2.80

4.80 3.20


$1P3=$15 (wooooo)

Doubles live next race let’s do itttttttttttt.

MEGALOCKS presents…….MOB WAGERING UPDATE. Mob bettor Franky Four Fingers took it in nuts. Odds on the #3 were 4-1 at (-2) MTP with $59K bet. Final odds were 2-1 with $122K bet. “Smart” money gets destroyed. Shame.

Race 4

Most likely winner – #4 Frugal Betty

Value picks – #7 Diamond Legacy

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #6 Flashflood Warning

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..#4 Frugal Betty gets MEGALOCKS MT RUSHMORE JOCKEY D Cabrera in the irons for trainer K Broberg and makes her first start off the layoff….Drop in class should help and figs are solid….#7 Diamond Legacy made our Watch List last time out and gets a jockey change today…..3rd start off the layoff could mean a top effort but we aren’t crazy about the 4-46 lifetime record…..#6 Flashflood Warning will be massive odds and but has the ability to go a long way on the front and note she is 4/21 at WRD…Stretches out today and makes her 2nd start off the bench.

UPDATE. Tough beat, buh buh. Looked like we might get some sweet 7-4 action but the #5 was too good. Congrats if you nailed that one. We believe the trainer of #5 was 0/38 this meet but he certainly had his charge ready to roll today. Did not have #5 in doubles. Reload time, let’s do itttt.

Finished 5-7-4-2

24.10 12.10 5.50

7.30 3.60


MOB STEAM UPDATE. Late cash was significant on #7 and a bit on #8.

MEGALOCKS presents……Hot Trainer update.

T Martin is 2/2 today and has a couple of longshots in Race 6 (1,3). May want to upgrade. In our view #1 looks like pure filth but #3 is not impossible on paper.

Race 5

Most likely winner – #2 Mr Misleading

Value picks – #6, Victory Stripe , #7 Jenna’s Gun Runner

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..#2 Mr Misleading booked an “A” effort two starts back and was over his head in an ALW race last time out…..Should be able to control the race from the rail on the stretchout…..#7 Jenna’s Gun Runner gets jockey J Eads back in the saddle and note that he has had sucess with her in the past……3rd start off the layoff and has the figs to win at a decent price with a good trip….#6 Victory Stripe got a beneficial set-up last time out and moves up from a MCL event…..Jockey C Kimes stays aboard and can win in this soft field…..#3 Don’t Tell Nobody has a nice closing kick but may have too far to come in the lane…..Win try and beat him for the win.

UPDATE. #3 does indeed get up in the SHADOW OF THE WIRE for the win. As noted, we tried to beat him on the win end but he was just too strong in the lane after a bad start.

Finished 3-2-5-8

8.80 4.20 3.20

3.20 3.00


DD was $254! congrats if you bagged that bad boy.

Race 6

Most likely winner – #7 Smoked Paprika

Value picks – #2 Tayla, #5 Vegan Goes Best

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..Will try and beat #6 Golden Lullabye on the win end this race as she is 0/5 at the distance and has figs that are going the wrong way…..#7 Smoked Paprika gets a nice jockey change to R Eikleberry who won two races yesterday….Should be well-positioned throughout…..#2 Tayla gets a good draw and has a fine closing kick….2/2 at the distance…..#5 Vegan Goes Best gets LIVING LEGEND D Cabrera in the irons and has the early speed to do damage.

UPDATE. #6 was awesome and appears to be back in form! LOL. Fried our #5 and #2 got 2nd but had no shot vs the winner.

Finished 6-2-3-5 #6 was 8/5.

5.20 3.00 2.40

3.40 2.60


Race 7

Most likely winner – #4 Sheza Rockstar

Value picks – #2 Quiet Dawn, #7 Rozafa

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..Top-3 look pretty tough in here hard to separate the contenders…..#4 Sheza Rockstar is 0/7 but has consistent figs and excellent connections in her corner…..She graded out with a “B” effort last time out…..#2 Quiet Dawn comes in from Oaklawn Park and should be a tough out from the rail……Not crazy about the 0/11 record but this is a field she can handle….#7 Rozafa gets the blinkers off and a monster rider change to Cabrera…..Will almost certainly break last in the field but just might have what it takes to go ZOOOOOOMING by at the end.

UPDATE. Horses finished. 1-2-4. Cheeseball exacta. Hope we can scoop some DD/P3 action. Let’s do itttttt.

Finished 2-4-1-7

4.50 2.60 2.10

3.00 2.50



Race 8

Most likely winner – #8 Spendaholic

Value picks – #3 Totally Tiger, #5 Ice Sphere

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – #6 Mega Da Virada

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..#8 Spendaholic hails from the potent Diodoro barn and has the pace ratings to win this race wire to wire……Three consecutive declines in his Beyer figs not a great sign but he’s our choice to win today…..#3 Totally Tiger won as the fav last time out in a MSW event and graded out with an “A”….Note that the 3rd place finisher in that race came back to win yesterday….#5 Ice Sphere is a bit of a mystery coming in from Oaklawn but we like the draw and the move from an apprentice rider to K Tohill…..#6 Mega Da Virada made our Watch List last time out and note that trainer T Luneack won two races yesterday……Two starters in his last race have won next time out.

UPDATE. #2 goes wire to wire at 17-1. Our horses got 2-3.

Finished 2-8-5-4

37.00 9.00 5.30

3.00 2.40


Race 9

Most likely winner – #4 Dak Da Man

Value picks – #1 Inclusively

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..Tough race to call and there are only seven horses signed on!…..#4 Dak Da Man is the kind of horse we like to avoid on the win end more often than not (twice in a row beaten fav in same class) but we suspect there will be some pace to run at and jockey L Goncalves is having a fine meet…..Minor edge….#1 Inclusively stretches out in distance and gets a great rail draw…..Has won 2L3 races and has fine connections.

UPDATE. Congrats HAM SANDWICH CLUB. There was indeed enough pace for the #4 to get up in time.

Finished 4-7-2-5

4.60 2.80 2.40

5.70 3.90


Race 10

Most likely winner – #9 Iza Daddy

Value picks – #6 Quicksilver

Potential bombs to hit the ticket at a big price – None

MEGALOCKS Will Rogers Downs Deep Insider says……..#9 Iza Daddy boasts the solid connections of Eikleberry/Diodoro and gets a drop in class today……Graded out with a “B” effort last time and just needs to overcome an outside draw which isn’t a given……#6 Quicksilver makes a slight rise in class and posted an “A” effort on April 13.

UPDATE. Argh. Nailed at the wire. Ex was ok but needed 9-7 morrrrrrrr.

Finished 7-9-1-6

15.00 7.00 4.80

4.00 3.00


Ex = $60

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