MEGALOCKS BLOG – The TOP 10 after Week 3 – September 18, 2017

Hi everyone !

Some interesting results this week. We were DOMINATING at the Michigan / Air Force game (CONGRATS MEGALOCKS NON-CONFERENCE MICHIGAN GAME INSIDERS) and did not see much of the action until the late games. Tons of research completed Saturday night and all day Sunday. Let’s have another run at a Top 10 !

It is also critical to mention that our ratings change, fluctuate and PERCOLATE more than a typical set of ratings. We want to able to POUNCE when necessary and not wait multiple weeks for ratings to catch-up to performance. We use numbers as a basic starting point and do not make selections based solely on rankings or power ratings. We just like to have something to start with as we start the handicapping process.

Week 4. The ONLY Top 10 that matters. Last week’s rating in (  ).

  1. ROLL TIDE (1) (doing what they need to do)
  2. Clemson (2) (off Louisville spanking – only one point below ROLL TIDE)
  3. Oklahoma (4) (start slow vs Tulane – then WHOA)
  4. Penn St (5) (still think they are the best team in the Big 10)
  5. USC (3) (maybe we were right about Texas being good after all ?)
  6. Washington (6) (untested but under the radar)
  7. Oklahoma St (8) (pure devastation on offense)
  8. Georgia (7) (big game this week)
  9. Ohio St (9) (not counting them out yet)
  10. Florida St (10) (interesting battle with NC State this Saturday)

So close you can smell it…..Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, TCU, Oregon

We definitely blew the assignment on LSU. Whoa. Great job by Mississippi St. The win did not completely shock us but the blowout and complete domination was a total surprise. You get some teams right, you get some teams wrong. The SEC West looks a LOT more interesting right now. We appear to have been right about Purdue. CONGRATS team total OVER 2.5 backers. What could POSSIBLY go wrong now ? Good to see the Boilermakers back in the mix and they get Michigan this week. We enjoyed some SWEET HOUSTON ACTION once again and think they are gonna be a handful in the AAC with a solid QB and defense. Of course, Rice is not much of a test, but we will get more information this week as they battle Texas Tech.


Some of our biggest power rating JUGGERNAUTS and STINK BOMBS from a power rating perspective. This is how many points +/- these teams have moved according to the figures spit out by the MEGALOCKS SUPERCOMPUTER COMPLEX.

Keep in mind that you will not see some teams you would expect on here (Purdue, Oregon, Nebraska) since we had those teams nailed. At least that is the way it looks in September LOL !


West Virginia +8 (QB – wow; defense may be better than we thought)

Oklahoma +7 (was not sure about the defense before the season started)

California +7 (D is TONS better than last season)

Mississippi St +7 (oops)

Michigan St +6 (still not sure but this week will be a good test)

Maryland +6 (how will they look in Big 10 play ?)

Arizona +6 (defense looks – dare we say – decent )

Notre Dame +5 (gonna be sneaky, not saying, just saying)

Cincinnati +5 (were pretty lucky to win this week but they do look improved)

UTSA +5 (need to see them play some tougher competition)

Clemson +5 (did not think the offense would be so polished this early)

S Miss +5 (contender yet again in C-USA)


Baylor -6 (grease fire)

E Carolina -6 (glug glug glug…..)

Georgia St -6 (maybe a bit harsh; gut feeling they could be even worse than advertised)

Ohio St -5 (they are not cooked yet; have time to sort things out)

Auburn -5 (thought the offense would be better)

Stanford -5 (yikes)

Missouri -5 (was not high on them but WHOA they look bad)

LSU -4 (did not see that Miss St blowout coming down the tracks)

Boston College -4 (defense taking a big step back; offense maybe a bit forward)

Rice -4 (QB situation is scary bad)

UTEP -4 (thought they would be bottom 10 but NOT in the bottom two)

Kent St -4 (QB situation is worse than Rice)


Enjoy week 4 !